Welcome to Barncats...
Barns are an integral part of Michigan's agricultural heritage and landscape. Unfortunately, they are fast disappearing, giving in to sprawling developments.

In this changing landscape, we Barncats is trying to swim against the tide, in its effort to preserve and restore barns and provide innovative solution for readaptive use of barns.

Barncats have the materials, equipment and knowhow to help you with your barn projects be it restoration, straightening, roofing, siding, painting or foundation work.

You have an array of options for you. You can build a REAL barn instead of a pole barn (which, in our opinion, is not even close to the real thing!). If not big red barn, you can build a MINIATURE BARN. You can use a barn as a GARAGE or a SHED. Treat your kids to a PLAYHOUSE, or build yourself a rustic COTTAGE with a cozy interior with a STONE FIREPLACE. Imagination is the limit for what you can do with a barn theme. Look at these examples of innovative re-use of Barns. You can also look at our project gallery to see the kind of work we have done.

You can do history a favor with your love for barns. We can help you do it. Please give us a call if you have an idea or a project.

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